Get a fresh start.

Use Catfive for Easy Wetsuit Maintenance or to Deodorize Stinky Gear. Special enzymes and cleaning catalysts work great on all modern wetsuit materials and neoprene accessories, scuba diving wetsuits, triathalon wetsuits, aquasocks, flip flops, wetsuits boots and much more. Preserve fit and flexibility while extending the life of your gear. Remove damaging impurities like salt and chlorine. Eliminate organic residues and odor causing bacteria. Soak it in!

How to Use:

Shake Well/Squeeze/Measure/Pour

-Mix 1.0oz (15 mL)* Catfive/gallon H2O
-Soak 5+hours (overnight or longer)
-Rinse well and Hang to Dry thoroughly

Catfive will  increase in strength for several hours before reaching maximum effectiveness.  Extremely stubborn odors may require soaking periods of up to 48 hours or more.


-Fully submerge your gear and keep the solution temperature between 55 -85 F (13-29 C) to ensure peak enzyme productivity.
-To prevent buildup of organic residues, odor-causing bacteria and damaging impurities soak your gear at least every other week. Reuse the solution up to 3 times.
-For really stubborn odors or to deodorize aquatic footwear, watershoes, Vibram’s Five Fingers, aqua socks, flip flops, wetsuit boots and more…Mix it Stronger and Soak it Longer!

Mix 3.0oz (45 mL)* Catfive per gallon of water
Soak 24+hours, Rinse well and Hang to Dry thoroughly